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Sally's Feet Night
Sally had invited Sonic back to Castle Acorn after a night out at Uncle Chuck's Diner.  After taking a seat in the Drawing Room, Sally put her feet up on a foot stole and gave out a heavy sigh.
"You alright, Sal?" Sonic asked her.
"I'm fine, Sonic," Sally replied.  "My feet just hurt a little."
"Maybe you'd like me to give you a foot rub," Sonic suggested.
"That's very nice of you, Sonic," Sally replied, attempting to kick off her boots.
"Hold on," Sonic stopped her.  "Why don't we do this some place more private?"
"There's always my room," Sally suggested.
And with that they carried the chair and stool to Sally's bedroom.  She took an extra pillow from the bed and put it on the seat to give her more comfort while she laid back.  She sat down, crossed her feet on the footstool, laid back and relaxed.
Sonic kneeled in front of Sally's feet, pulled off her boots and admired her bare feet (since he'd hardly every seen them before). 
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BEFORE WE START: this is the first time i write in english on my own, so if ther's wrong word or something, let me know. Enjoi

It's been a month from when Sally has been forced by Amy to become her slave in order to let her keep Sonic, and Sally just get used to it.
Sally and Sonic were hanging out togheter and they walked near Amy's house
Sally: "Do you mind if we speed up a little?"
Sonic: "Are you sure? I though you don't like to run for nothing"
Sally: "Well it's just....."
Before Sally could finish to talk Amy openned the door of her house and said whit a grin:
Amy: "Sally! It's tuesday!!"
Sally's face turned red
Sonic: "Hey Amy, what happen on tuesday?"
Amy: "Oh, nothing much, I and Sally usually meet at my house..."
Sonic: "Well then.... i'll just let you girls have your fun..."
Amy: "Why don't you come in too? It will be fun!"
Sally: "No!" said Sally whit a scared face
Sonic: "Why not?"
Sally: "It's.... it's just..."
Amy: "Don't mind her, just come in!"
Sonic and Sally entered in Amy's house and sat on the couch, then Amy told to Sally:
Amy: "Sally, do you mind going upstair and wait in my room please? I need to speak whit Sonic"
Sally didn't realy had choice, becouse of the bracelet Amy forced her to wear.
She went upstair in Amy's bedroom and left Sonic and Amy downstairs.
Amy: "Here Sonic, i've make you a cup of tea"
Sonic: "Thanks Amy"
Sonic took the cup of tea and drank it in a second
Sonic: "BTW, wher's Sal?"
Amy: "Oh, you will meet her soon!"
When she stop talking Sonic starts to fall asleep and Amy took him to her bedroom.
When Sonic woke up he find himself tied on Amy's bed, whit Amy, naked, lyng on him, whit her feet on his face, and Sally, naked too, massaging her feet.

Amy: "Well, well, look who's just woke up!"
Sonic: "What.... what is happening here?"
Amy: "Well, why don't you ask to your precius princess?"
Sonic: "What do you mean, Sal what's happening?!"
Sally: "Sonic.....I...see, Amy put this bracalet on my arm, it's small enough to hide in my furr, but it can make me pass out for month at the maximum power.... and i had to choose if leave you forever, or become Amy's slave.... i make the right choice!"
Sonic: "I can't belive you done this Amy.... and what about me? Why am I here?"
Amy: "You know, Sally is good as slave, but you have something that she don't have...."
Once said that, Amy kick Sally's face, to make her understand that she now have a new role, she get down on her 4, right above Sonic, and Amy sat on her back, whit her feet pointing to Sonic's mid-leg.
She started to rub her feet on Sonic's penis, and he started to moan
Amy: "I know you want more.... now be a good boy, if you do this right i won't keep you here any longer and i will give Sally a break for the next week, but if you fail this, i'll just keep you two here."
After 5 minutes of rubbing, Amy started to rub whit 2 feet and Sonic started moan strongher.
Amy: "Come on Sonic, you just need to relax, and let it come!"
After that Sonic couldn't keep it any longer and Cum on Amy's feet
Amy: "That's what i was waiting for! Now stay still!
Said that Amy walked all over Sonic ans Sally's bodys whit the cum on her feet.
When her feet where clean she looked at her victims and laughted
Amy: "Well now, you two need a bath!"
She untied Sonic and take him and Sally in her bathtub and filled it whit hot water.
Sally turned all red for beeng naked in the same bathtub whit Sonic, almost councius.
Amy washed both of them whit her feet and then let they stay in the bathtub togheter for almost an hour.
When Sonic woke up he found himself in a bathtub whit Sally naked just over him
Sonic: "What.... what is happening?"
Amy: "Why? You don't like this?"
Sonic blushed and said
Sonic: "I... kinda like it"
Sally loked up at Sonic and smiled
Amy: "Well, as i said, you two can go now, and Sally can have the next week free, and don't worry, this will be our little secret! And if Sonic come here whit Sally every week, i'll let you have other baths togheter!"
Sonic and Sally blushed and got out of the water.
After dressing up, Amy make them kiss her feet as a good bye and let them go.
Sally: "So..... i'm sorry Sonic..."
Sonic: "Sorry for what? I liked it!"
Sally: "Realy... so you would come whit me to her house on tuesday?"
Sonic: "Everithing and everywhere for you my princes!"
Sally: "In this case..... do you mind doing whit me what you did at Amy's house?"


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